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Head of department: Morten Dahl - 97 52 91 91 - morten.dahl@altusnorway.com

Inventory Management - OnGoing WareHouse System

Altus uses OnGoing Web Based Standard System for 3PL / Warehouse.


Web-based system = more business and satisfied customers That the system can be run via a regular browser opens up great opportunities in order for your customers (and also his customers) to place orders themselves, View inventory balance, inventory turnover, and more. A clear sales advantage for you as a business + that you attach stronger ties to today's customers.


Only a fixed monthly fee = No major startup costs As a customer, you pay a monthly fee per employee of your own employees. (Your customers = FREE access). The fee includes the right of use, support, free updates and operation / hosting. With Ongoing Warehouse Slipper costly startup costs like license fees, purchase of server and other hardware. And with only 3 months notice time, we do not bind the customer to long deals.


EDI links The system has EDI couplings with several other systems. Over 15 e-commerce systems (eg E-store), distribution systems (eg Visma, SAP, Navision, Axapta, Jeves) and various Logisticsksystems (eg Unifaun, Timpex, EDI-Soft). All customers can benefit from these EDI links since much can be "reused" in new projects.


Picking and Packing

Altus holds over 6,000 sqm of storage, and seats over 7400 pallets in shelves. It employs 6 people full time with picking and packing. Altus is proud and dependent on their expertise and accuracy in the daily work.


Warehouse facilities

- Ramps and loading area

Altus has 7 locks for delivery and delivery of goods, as well as 5,000 square meters of outdoor space.

- Temperatures

Our storage is stable throughout the year.

- Fire protection

Irrigation systems, permanently installed fire extinguishing systems on walls that are feared may be exposed to radiant heat. A pipe system with open nozzles filled with water by manual or automatic operation of valves. From the nozzles (spreaders) a protective water curtain is formed over the area that is threatened.

- Surveillance

The area is locked and secured through Securitas Direct.

Clarifications and Approvals

Altus is approved for storage and distribution of additives through the Food Safety Authority, including food. This requires strictest internal and tracking control.

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